Friday, July 24, 2015

July 11, 2015, Glacier National Park to Seebe, Alberta, 303 miles

By 7:00 we had left Fish Creek and were on our way over Logan Pass for the second time.  After the stalled trip over Logan Pass the day before we were happy that we only had to wait 5 minutes at the road construction and made no other stops.  We were in Saint Mary by 8:15 and continued north on Highways 2 and 5 into Waterton Lakes National Park.
Entering Waterton Lakes National Park

By 9:50, after entering Canada, we had surrendered our fire wood to the customs agent, they were afraid of wood transporting Dutch Elm Disease.

Bye, bye firewood

The cities within the National Parks in Canada are surprising, considering I don't know of any National Park in the United States with a city within it. The lake was beautiful, but lacked the splendor of Glacier.  
Waterton Lakes Mountains

After looking around the town I inquired about the drive up towards Banff from a young ranger, who's roommate attended Sonoma State!  She suggested a "unserviced campsite" about 25 minutes down a gravel road.  Knowing  the distance we were trying to cover, we decided to continue on the highway. 

Fields north of Waterton Lakes

As we traveled north we passed through farm country.  Lots of hay.  Alberta must produce a lot of yellow mustard, judging by all the gorgeous fields of it we passed.

We continued north on Highway 6 through Pincher Creek where we stopped to buy groceries, it's always an experience grocery shopping in a foreign country.  There was a huge display of Cheez Whiz near the door, a local specialty?  

We turned west on Highway 3 continuing to Highway 22. On Highway 22 we had a downpour and then it continued to rain on and off for 15 minutes. The drive was beautiful with rolling hills covered with firs and aspens.
Chain of Lakes Provencial Park, Kakanskis Country, Alberta

We stopped for lunch at Chain of Lakes Provencial Park. The drive continued to be pastoral, passing through some small towns until we met up with Canada 1, west of Calgary. We tried to find a campsite in Canmore, but the town was full, no vacancy at any type of lodging, hotel, motel, hostel or campground. Being closer to Banff might have been part of the problem.  It turns out that that's the way it is on Saturday nights in that area, plus it was the last weekend of the Calgary Stampede.  We ended up at Willow Rock Campground in Kananaskis Country, I believe the closest town was Seebe.  Before heading to Canmore we had looked at this park because Bow Valley Provincial Park, across the street was full.  

Camper at Willow Rock Campground

I wasn't crazy about this campground, but it turned out to be fine.  We had hook ups to charge with, clean showers and a quiet night.  It was rainy and windy during the night and the view from our campsite in the morning was fantastic.   Reading about the campground, now that I'm home, it turns out that a flood had gone through recently doing quite a lot of damage.

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