Monday, July 20, 2015

July 2, 2015 Warrington, Oregon to Kalaloch, Washingon, 158 miles

Columbia River just into Washington

 We left our campsite at Fort Stevens at 7:40. 

Mark near Dismal Nitch

At 9:20 I was sitting about 15 miles away as Mark is in pylon shooting heaven beside Highway 401 on the Columbia River about 5 miles in to the state of Washington.

While In North Bend I realized I'd better check the ferry conditions for getting to Whidbey Island on the Fourth of July. Good that we did because reservations were a must. We had stopped at Sherry's on the bay to grab a dozen medium oysters for dinner.

We arrived at Kalaloch Campground just before 2 and set up camp for 2 days!

We enjoyed a long walk on the beach and grilled oysters for dinner.

Our campsite was protected, but cool enough to need a fire to keep warm during the evening.

July 3, 2015 
Ruby Beach sunrise

Up and on our way to Ruby Beach at 6:00. 

Ruby Beach from bluff

We had planned our trip around being at this beach for the lowest minus tide during the summer.  Ruby Beach was about a 5 minute drive from our campsite. We were the 2nd car in the parking lot at 6:05. Low tide is at 7:30 this morning, I stayed at the truck and read for a bit while Mark forged ahead.

Ruby Beach Pond

I was to the last pages of the Paris Wife and anxious to finish, although I think I can predict the ending. At 7 I decided I better head to the beach before the ranger walk arrives at 7:30.

Ruby Beach tide pools

 I walked down to the tide pools and then about a half mile south with the beach all to myself. I stopped to hunt drift wood and rocks near a small cave with water seeping out.

Beach 4
 After breakfast back at camp we hiked to Beach 4, every beach is at least ¼ of a mile straight down hill. 

Path to Beach 4

 Beach 4 is a little bit north of Kalaloch and is good for tide pools at low tide.

Mark and giant cedar tree

The giant cedar tree was actually 2 trees.

Beach 2

Fog was coming and going this afternoon.

Beach 2

I had a fun time hunting driftwood at Beach 2 while Mark was shooting logs.

Wonder who ate all the crabs?
Beach 2

I love the foxgloves growing wild along the roadside in Oregon and 


Roadside foxglove

 Before heading back to camp we stopped at the market at the lodge at Kalalock to pick up some firewood and check email, or delete spam. What a pleasant surprise to find they had a frosty machine, a perfect afternoon treat!

We drove back to Ruby Beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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