Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June 10, 2013 - Canyon de Chelly National Monument

We awoke well rested, showered and cool and headed for Arizona at 8:30.   
The temperature was already 75 degrees at 8:30.  After leaving Bluff we soon passed the small settlement of White Rock on or way to the north rim of Canyon de Chelly arriving from the west.

As we drove down the North side of Canyon de Chelly National Monument,  our first stop was at House Under The Rock or Tseyaa Kini in Navajo, which is what the Navajos named it.  It was discovered in 1880 during an archeological expedition and named  Mummy Cave  because 2 well preserved mummies were discovered in it..  This may have been the longest occupied site in the canyon having been occupied for 1,000 years. 

During the windy afternoon we drove to Hubbell Trading Post, unfortunately the sun did not cooperate with my photo documentation.

Hubbell Trading Post

In the early evening we drove to the end of the Southern View of the canyon.  

As we approached the end of the pavement and our first view point I was surprised to see this sign. The Methodist Church is connected to the Navaho Nation!

Spider Rock

The real reward for driving to the end was seeing Spider Rock, which is an all day trip on the valley floor. According to traditional Navajo beliefs the taller of the two spires is the home of Spider Grandmother, the creator of the world according to Navajo beliefs.

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