Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June 16, 2013 - Route 66 to Barstow

I was sad to have to leave our campsite this morning, but we have reservations in Dana Point day after tomorrow and need to make the hot trek across the desert.  We departed our campsite at 7:45.

Main Street, Williams AZ

To make lemon-aide out of lemon's we decided to explore old Route 66 starting in the town of Williams, a fun stop before the long drive through the desert. 

Route 66 Williams, AZ
Main Street, Williams AZ

We hopped on 70 for awhile and them hoped off at the exit for Ashfork, the flagstone capitol of the United States.  We passed acres and acres of flagstone ready to be shipped out.

Ashfork, AZ

 After Ashfork,

we were once again on reservation land, traveling 37 miles with little development.   We passed our first train which reminded me of those I used to watch for when traveling with my parents and looking for the caboose so I could wave to the caboose man.  Almost always he would return my wave.  Between here and Barstow we passed 4 more lengthy trains.

The next settlement was the town of Seligman another 20 miles down the road.
Seligman, AZ

 We passed Berma Shave signs similar to these outside of Seligman:

Berma Shave Sign, Hackleberry General Store

Two sets I noted were:

Cattle Crossing
Please go Slow
That old bull
is some cows beau
Burma Shave


You can drive 
A mile a minute
But there's no future in it
Burma Shave 

The person who owns the Hackberry General Store is an original Picker.  

Hackleberry Country Store

Hackleberry Country Store

Hackleberry General Store

Hackleberry General Store

Hackleberry General Store

We spent a lot of time exploring both outside

and inside
Inside Hackleberry General Store

Inside Hackleberry General Store

All things remenisant of the time I grew up,  but this bag that when on the front of the car before going across the desert most of all.

We stopped in lunch at In N Out in Kingman, Arizona, and decided to push ahead.  I had to tell Snoppy's Uncle Spike I was sorry we would not be stopping to visit with the temperature at 108 degrees.  We chose to stay outside of beautiful Barstow at Comfort Suites in LenwoodWe were once again happy to be in air conditioning and almost across the desert.  In the vicinity of our hotel was every fast food joint imaginable.  We decided we wanted (real ) Mexican and drove back to Barstow, ending up at Los Domingos which was packed.  We were happy with our dinner.

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