Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June 18, 2013 - Crystal Cove and Laguna Beach

The Beachcomber Crystal Cove State Park

Awoke to good ol' June Gloom, which is definatly here in Santa Rosa as I write this at the end of July. Lazed around the room until 9:45, had planned to have breakfast at The Cottage, but were saddened to find it had closed.  

Crystal Cove State Beach Shacks

As plan B we drove through Laguna Beach to The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove State Park for a lovely breakfast and to watch the fog burn off.  The fog did burn off for a short time, only to appear again. I had a delicious French Toast made with brioche, banana and nuts. Too much to eat! Mark had a scramble.  

 I loved the way the tunnel to the beach had been painted by school children.After a walk on the beach we drove up to Crystal Cove Shopping Center to become inspired at Juxtaposition.

Driving through Laguna Beach reminds me of all the trips I  took with mom and dad to Baja before the 405 was built, driving in stop and go traffic until we hit the 5 in Dana Point. I think that's why that “Beach Cities” exit is forever etched in my memory.

South Laguna Beach

We spent the late afternoon and evening with Bob and Peggy in San Clemente.

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