Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June 3, 2013 - Into Utah

 We were up early this morning to enjoy the cool of the morning.  

 After a wonderful shower, we explored the slot canyons of the caves.  

Had we continued on the trail we were on we would have cone to this!  This would be a wonderful park to spend more time at in the spring or the fall. 

In a matter of a few hours we were up at 9,000 feet hiking to view the head waters of the Virgin River, 21 miles from Zion Narrows.  

It was sad to look out and see the large span of dead pine trees, killed by the Western Pine Beetle.

At the end of the trail we found a large forest of Bristle Cone Pines.  These trees have survived for over 4,500 years!

After our short hike we drove in to Cedar Breaks National Park.  The road had just opened, but none of the visitor cervices or campgrounds were open yet. 

 Mark was excited to find the large spans of Aspen Trees he remembered from our visit 27 years ago.  We drove up the park road and never found them.

As we were driving out Highway 14 on our way to Zion we found the large stands of Aspen trees that Mark remembered, unfortunately they had yet to leaf out.  We stopped for lunch at Duck Lake and found the above grouping of Aspens.  On our way downhill to Zion, where the temperatures are sure to be above the 60's!

Certainly don't remember the drive into Zion being as spectacular as it was today.

Once we were settled in our campsite we walked to the visitor center across from the campground and caught the shuttle to the end of the line at the Riverside Trail.

 Joan and I walked up to the beginning of the Narrows of the Virgin River.

                                         The view is we walked out of the canyon.

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